The RAMESES Projects

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This webpage contains the project outputs for the RAMESES I and II projects - namely Publication or Reporting standardsQuality standards and; Resources and training materials.

The RAMESES I project produced:

The RAMESES II project produced:


RAMESES I - Realist syntheses and meta-narrative reviews

Publication standards for realist syntheses

Publication standards for meta-narrative reviews


Quality standards for realist synthesis

Quality standards for meta-narrative reviews

If you would like to read about how to use these quality standards and how they were developed please read: Quality standards for realisy syntheses and meta-narrative reviews


Training materials for realist syntheses

Training materials for meta-narrative reviews



RAMESES II - Realist evaluation

Reporting standards for realist evaluations


Quality standards for realist evaluations


Resources and training materials for realist evaluation

We have provided the resources and training materials in the order below as a guide to those who are starting out on their journey to learn about realist evaluation. However, they may be read in any order of preference. Each resources or training is intentionally brief and contains further reading for those who wish to learn more.